Vision and Business Model

Our vision is to establish a highly profitable small to mid tier gold (and base metals) mining company based on the development of mines using our Small Scale Mine (SSM) strategy. The principal aim of which is to fast track development of low capex - low cost - high profit mines with high grades and moderate tonnes and contained resources of +250,000oz.  The Mangae deposit is a leading example of our strategy at work. The short payback period and high profitability permits a maximization of shareholder value, whilst concurrently enhancing the communities in which we work. We believe we have shown that the model works and a proof-of-concept. 

Our business model is to grow the portfolio through discovery or through acquisition of quality assets in key stages of their development.  The aim is iimit our downside financial exposure but retain the full upside potential of a quality asset  especially during periods of higher commodity prices.


Our growth strategy is predicated on increasing net asset value ("NAV") on a per share basis, as we strongly believe that sustainable growth in per share NAV will be reflected in growth in our share price.


Maintaining and managing a diversified, high-margin portfolio with low overheads provides the strong free cash-flow required to fuel organic growth.


A strong balance sheet to allow us to be opportunistic in any environment.


Acquisitions are an integral part of the Company's growth strategy and the Company is actively evaluating acquisition opportunities to create the core asset portfolio upon which the company will expand.


The target portfolio number for 2020 is 2 to a maximum of 5 by 2022.

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