MLI Fundamentals

Corporate Objectives

Focus and Capability



  • Small highly skilled and focused team

  • ​Maintain a defined commodity focus

  • Remain focused on Africa and now Australia and US

  • ​Focus on acquisition of pre feasibility stage assets​


Corporate Structure

  • Defined dividend payment and shareholder exit process 

  • Holding Company to remain non-listed entity

  • Equity Holder in listed entities

  • New project engine for mining subsidiaries or roll-ups

  • Holding company for mining investment and royalties

  • Equity held by Partners, Employees and Private Investor


Value Creation

  • Maximising Group/Business partner/investor deal flow

  • Acquisition of undervalued and distressed assets

  • Progression of projects to JORC compliant resource status

  • Project flow through to listed entities

  • Equity Roll-up into listed verticals or mining companies


  • Project specific acquisition capital on as needs basis

  • Value creation contracts to generate short term cash flow

  • Mid term equity and royalty ownership

  • Roll up of new projects into listed entities

  • Contributory funding from investors for year 1-5 operation

  • Generation of significant cash-equity-royalty inflow 


Corporate Strength

Strong corporate network in Middle East, throughout Africa and presence in India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and other Central Asian countries.​

Strong presence in India – one of the largest gold markets with no significant domestic supply​

Material scale – ability to become a leading global gold company​

Diverse combination of balanced management skills and expertise selected specifically for the mining sector and chosen geographies​

Access to the mining industry on both corporate and political levels and to implement/ensure strong corporate governance​

Targeting a balanced portfolio with optimum mix of early stage exploration near term development and production​

Relationships in the mining industry globally to access opportunities​

Relationships with global blue chip investors​

Management participation aligns long term interests​

Relationship with leading investment houses and main bourses market makers​

Exceedingly attractive investment proposition for global investors

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