The MLI Team

MLI is a niche exploration and mining group operating out of Dubai, UAE. MLI is an aspiring metals focused royalty company with the aim to acquire interests in gold, platinum metals, copper and coal. The concept is for the generation of sustainable revenues from a diversified mining portfolio of high quality operations centred  in Africa, the Middle East, Russia and Central Asia.

Dr Steve Newbery


Dr. Steve Newbery is CEO and Technical Director with GRB Mining and has over 30 years’ experience in exploration and resource evaluation for base and precious metals. From 1990 to 1996, he was a Principal Geologist with CRAE/Rio Tinto. Steve led the resource delineation team at Dugald River making the discovery of the Mount Roseby deposits. In 1996, Steve joined Pasminco Plc as Exploration Manager and led the team responsible for discovering a major new copper-gold system (Portia/North Portia) on the Benagerie Ridge. In 2002 Steve recognized the economic potential of the PGM's at the Boula chromite mine India delineating a significant resource and founded PMCI LLC. The Company listed on AIM April 2005 and was eventually taken over and privatized in 2006. From 2006-2013 Dr. Newbery was Technical Director for SUN Mining and emerging mid-tier gold mining company with major gold projects in feasibility in Russia and Kazakhstan. He led the team responsible for building SUN Mining from scratch into a +15Moz gold resource leading to the formation of SUN Gold Ltd a future million oz producer. The world class Kluchevskoye and Yubileinoye gold deposits were delineated. Dr. Newbery received a Ph.D. in Geology from James Cook University, Australia. From 2005-2010 Dr. Newbery has been heavily involved in project acquisition and assessment in Russia, former Soviet Union, India, Africa and Canada, successfully building a significant gold portfolio for clients. He founded MLI in 2012 overseeing exploration and project evaluation studies in Tanzania. Subsequently GRB Mining was formed in 2015 to develop the Mangae Gold Mine.

Sheldon Kirkpatrick

Narendra Varma CA

Business Development

Narendra is a qualified certified accountant with degree in Commerce, Finance. Post graduate in Economics and management has expertise in 5 core specialties: Financing, Commerce, Economics, trading and strategic business development and management.  He has accumulated over 30 years of experience and proven track record in building business spanning across South & South East Asia, GCC, entire Sub Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe and Russia/CIS. Hands on experience in leading and managing businesses across the globe. A seasoned entrepreneur and business architect with an extensive experience across the complete value chain of business development, contract negotiations, logistic planning and management of various commodities including base & precious metals, energy, cement, agro commodities, consumer durables. Since 1997 self business entrepreneur after spending several years at senior management position in India, Nigeria, Dubai with large multinationals and company turnarounds by diversifying in commodities, consumer durables, pharmaceutical and telecom. Set up branch profit centers in Hungary, Poland, Moscow, Hong Kong. 

Mark Roderick
Non Exec Director

Sheldon Kirkpatrick has more than 20 years in private equity and management, the last thirteen of which have been mining specific. He has a multi–discipline background in management, finance and corporate governance, having led or participated in over 20 transactions worth nearly US$1 billion. He received his degree in Legal Studies from the University of California, Berkeley, and earned relative management and finance diplomas from leading universities. From 2005-2011, Sheldon managed the acquisition arm of SUN Mining, acquiring and growing a multi-commodity portfolio of exploration and mining projects, two of which became world class deposits with a combined gold resource of over 15Moz. From 2012, he has been active in the junior mining company, MLI, involved in finance and acquisitions, leading to the acquisition by GRB Mining of the Manage Gold Mine. From 2015, Sheldon has been overseeing commercial and financial management of MLI and the GRB Group

Nataliya Bochkova M.Sc

Snr Resource Geologist

Nataliya Bochkova MSc is a consultant Senior Resource Geologist with MLI and has 12 years’ experience in exploration geology. She has a Master’s Degree in geology from Lomonosov’s Moscow State University, Russia. Her research work looked at the potential for Carlin style gold deposits in Northern Yakutia (Russia). Her thesis was on sediment hosted uranium mineralisation in southern Russia. Nataliya worked as exploration geologist responsible for database management, 2D modeling of regional geological data in Far East Russia, 3D resource modeling of Yubileinoye gold deposit (Kazakhstan). She also took part in geological assessment of various gold and copper deposits in Far East Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Nataliya is an advanced resource modeller and has completed detailed resource estimates on numerous orebodies working closely with industry leading technical groups. Natalia helped prepare the resource and resource estimates for Manage working with the QP’s.

Daniel Saidi

Daniel Augustine Saidi is the former Managing Director of MMC Ltd and held the position of Director of Finance for the Mangae Gold Mine overseeing all project financial matters since January 2016. Daniel played a vital role as the MMC MD in handling all regulatory compliance and licencing issues and ensuring all matters relating to the successful financial operation of the project as per TRA, BRELA and IFRS accounting. He has considerable experience in senior financial positions for the past 18 years, working for different multinational companies including G4S Security the Leading Security Company in the World where he was Financial Controller. Daniel also worked in various Non-Government Organisations like Danida and Hellen Keller International.

Viktor Egorov
Chief Geologist 

Viktor Egorov was Chief Geologist of the company GRB Mining, has 36 years’ experience in geological mapping, exploration and resource evaluation for base metals, gold and coal. From 1980 to 1993 worked in “Severo Vostok Geologia” in north-east Russia participated in the exploration Peshanka a large Cu-Mo-Au deposit. He was the head of several projects on geological mapping and prospecting for gold in large areas. 1989-1993 in the area of the latter project the large Kekura (+ 3 million ounces of gold) was discovered. It was the largest discovery in the region at that time. From 2004 to 2012 was Chief Geologist of CentroCredit Bank and participated in the restructuring and development of gold and coal assets. As a result this created group of companies engaged in Magadan region producing 40.000oz per year. In 2011 he was responsible for the discovery of the new Butarnoe gold deposit with 200.000 oz of reserves and 400.000 ounces resources. Since 2012 he has been working in Tanzania at the Seka deposit with the team of Tanzanian geologists under his leadership with resources and reserves exceeding 1.5Moz and currently undergoing final commissioning. Viktor joined the MLI Group in March 2016 and is Chief Geologist overseeing resources and mining.

Rumishaeli Kawa
Chief Processing Engineer 

Rumishaeli Kawa is a metallurical engineer with a B.eng. Honours in mineral dprocessing engineering from Dar es Salaam University.  Most recently he occupied the position of Chief Processing Engineer at the Manage gold mine working with Shabanl Mpelera. Kawa was specifically responsibe fo the onsite assay laboratory, reconcilliation sampling and the gold room. He is a qualified processing ngineer with considerable skill in analytical methodologies. From January 2011 up to October 2012 he worked at SGS in Mwanza as Geochemist and laboratory supervisor. From April 2014 he was laboratory Manager at STAMIGOLD Biharamulo Mine.mine planning and design. . 

Mark Roderick is an Australian Mining Executive and has over 30 years of experience in the minerals industry utilising best practices in mine safety, operations and economic performance. Prior to his current role, Mark has been a mining professional for both mining contractors and owner’s teams. He has also held senior roles in operations and mine management. During his career mark has worked throughout Australia, Africa, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. His strive for continuous improvement within operating and company performance through innovative solutions in safety and profitability have delivered results across many minerals sectors. Mark’s extensive mining experience includes operations, business development, strategic growth, mine feasibility, design, development and production,  and has taken numerous projects from  green fields  or established mines on care and maintenance to full mine production. He is currently a Mining Executive in Australia and is a highly regarded mining professional, with an extensive global mining network to compliment his strategic thinking skills and business acumen. Mark is currently an Associate of AusIMM and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Mutus Liber International.

Shabani Mpelera
Process Plant Manager

Shabby Shabani Mpelera, is a processing engineer as was Process Plant Manager for GRB mining Services Ltd at the Mangae Gold Mine. He oversaw construction and installation of the process plant. Shabani has considerable experience in operating mineral processing plants including crushing, grinding gravity recovery, elution, cyanide destruction and tailings disposal. He has previously worked at SGS Geochemical laboratory(Tz), Jese Mining Company (Zim), Busolwa Mining Company (Tz) holding different titles, plant metallurgist, Senior plant metallurgist, plant superintendent and Process Plant Manager with different companies. Shabani holds Bachelor of Science in Mineral Processing.

Sergei Leschinski
Project Engineer 

Sergei joined GRB (Tanzania) in early 2016 to oversee the development of the Mangae Consultant Project Engineer. His primary role was to carry out technical support functions at the company worksites overseeing the mechanical and electrical engineering workshops, plant design, research, manufacturing and construction, repair and maintenance, Sergei has a degree in Agricultural Engineering and has since specialised in mechanical and electrical engineering in the mining industry.

Erick Yohana
Chief Mining Engineer

Erick Yohana Ndanauze is the former Chief Mining Engineer with GRB Mining Services at the Manage Gold Mine. Erick is oversaw pilot pit development, TSF and FWSP construction. Erick is a qualified mining engineer with considerable skill in mine planning and design. He has spent the last 4 years within mining consulting firm GLEAM Ltd. He received a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering from the University of Dodoma, Tanzania. While with GLEAM he completed several mine planning projects in Tanzania and Zimbabwe, overseeing resource and reserve estimation, long term mine planning and feasibility studies. Erick is a competent user of mine planning software such as Surpac, Datamine and Whittle (for strategic mine planning). As a technologist and a GIS scientist, he applies artificial intelligence with unmanned aerial vehicles (namely drones) for mine planning purposes and GIS applications to mining.

Patience Siziba
Metallurgical Engineer

Hlengiwe Patience Siziba is a metallurical engineer with a B.Eng.Honours in Metallurgical Engineering from Midlands State University.  Most recently she occupied the position of Deputy processing plant manager at the Manage gold mine working with Shabanl Mpelera. She is a qualified metallurgical engineer with considerable skill in mine planning and design. Patience also has a National Diploma Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy from the Zimbabwe School of Mines and a National Diploma in Project Management. She has spent the last 14 years working in the mining industry and is an expert in elution technologies and in heap leach gold extraction.